Extract, SBS News Service/A.A.P., 13th Nov., 2009: “Martens spent almost 1,000 days in Lotus Glen prison, west of Cairns, before being released in May this year after new evidence cast doubt on his conviction. …… He also blames the Australian Federal Police for the death of his six-month-old daughter Stephanie, who died in PNG because his wife had no money to pay for a doctor after police froze his bank accounts. In handing down his judgement, Justice Richard Chesterman was scathing of the Australian Federal Police and Commonwealth D.P.P.’s handling of the case. He was particularly critical of investigators’ claims they could not find flight records which indicated Martens was not with the girl on the date of the alleged offence. [The supposed offence was rape, the P.N.G complainant later admitted to lying for money.] “The records are of critical importance,”. Justice Chesterman said that ever since his arrest in 2004 Martens had requested authorities obtain the records, which he claimed would exonerate him. But he was told they did not exist. Mr Martens’ wife Rose later obtained the documents simply by applying for them over the counter at a PNG government agency.” End SBS News Service extracts.

Martens, air pilot, of Mareeba, Queensland, tried in Queensland but under Commonwealth prosecutors, spent three years in the cage, and lost his daughter and his business. The official record certifies his absence from the scene of the supposed crime. The trial is the only certifiable crime. The Queensland Supreme Court took remedial action, not without dissent.

A Queensland Supreme Court operative by the name of J.A.Fraser dissented against his colleague Chesterman’s ruling. He raised a technicality not pursued by the other two Supreme Court judges. (The case is on-line. Hon. Justice Muir being the third judge.) Martens was nevertheless successfully released.