The likeness on the home page is that of the famous Roman lawyer and statesman, Cicero – not of the provider of this site. The provider of this site would barely make the floor sweeper of Cicero’s court. This great Roman noted: “It is the peculiar property of fools to perceive the faults of others and forget his own.”

Whilst sweeping the courtroom floor, this site provider is trying to avoid being a fool.

I was tried, magistrate only, no jury, found guilty on a technicality, magistrate on record owned I am safety conscious, appeal judge implied the same, no conviction (publickly) recorded, $500 fine.

I was able to follow through right to the top at affordable cost – self-represented – and at every level, encountered evidence of termite activity which would keep a courtroom maintenance officer busy!

A concurrent sideline was the Qld Police Force which I am pleased and not surprised to report has a great many honest and decent officers, excluding one or two – Joseph Goebbels could have taken lessons from the worst, and vice versa. Then it was over to QCAT the Qld Civil and Administrative Tribunal, cheap justice and you get what you pay for.   Laugh or cry?

  1. It cost $10,000, not $500,000 – because I largely self-represented. It is an otherwise trivial matter which evolved into step by step failure of a Justice System — a pointless denial of government and human rights.
  2. It was the outcome of a fake firearms audit by a police sergeant atypical of Queensland Police, a law unto himself, a home invader, forger, a re-writer of Queensland Laws. He secretly labelled me mentally decayed and implicitly dangerous, zero evidence, uncorroborated. This ‘red-flag’ file [provided in due course] containing his mental diagnosis was solely his own – nevertheless it is certified Queensland Police Force property, in use today, 2022.
  3. Step one. Magistrate’s trial. Magistrate only, no jury. The red flag file was not presented in court.
  4. Step two. Appeal against the conviction, District Court. The red flag file was again concealed from the judge.
  5. The red flag surfaced in our computer, presumably courtesy of one of the many decent Queensland Police officers.
  6. Step three. Appeal to Queensland Supreme Court on the grounds of discovery of the secret file. The file proves the Prosecution criminally negligent enemies of due process at Law, whilst contradicting the supposed evidence upon which the conviction was based. The Supreme Court, conspiratorial with the Queensland Department of Prosecutions, detoured around the attack on law and public safety, dismissing the appeal out of hand by making the Queensland Police Department file on their own desks a possible concoction. The highest court in Queensland ruled an existing, official police document, doubly certified through a successful, registered, Freedom of Information search, void of legal significance. .
  7. Final, Step four. Appeal to the High Court of Australia. Copy-cat appeal dismissal. No attention paid to matters of law or citizen’s rights. The secret red flagging of everyday citizens as dangerous near madmen, home invasion, trashing of government laws and guidelines across the board – implicitly approved. It was crowned by a display of criminal negligence which even the preceding judiciary had managed to avoid. The High Court of Australia has decreed that a single shot bolt action rifle with no round in the chamber is quote, “Ready to fire”.
The reader is again invited to emulate Sherlock Holmes. Government recorded evidence is provided. Kindly bear with the site provider’s nasal tones on audio. His excuse is the need to keep one’s mouth shut to exclude flies, coupled with blocked nasal passages due to asthmatic pollen and dust here on the driest continent.