“The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” – Tacitus, approx. 56-120AD. Relevance?

Tacitus was from the times of Christ’s physical walk on Earth, and the Lord also has something to say about vexatious laws. The author of this page knows too well how he himself potentially falls within the category of those whom Christ is addressing with words such as these: “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgement, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone. …….. Woe unto you, ye blind guides, which say, Whosoever shall swear by the temple, it is nothing; but whosoever shall swear by the gold of the temple, he is a debtor! Ye fools and blind: for whether is greater, the gold, or the temple that sanctifieth the gold? Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers. [Lawyers in the context = those in power who create and interpret law – close to a modern parliamentarian and/or a judge.] Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel….. .”

In 2009-10, a Queensland Labour parliamentarian, Gordon Nuttall, was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment under recently enhanced Labour Party anti-corruption law. (Covered on-line.) Unlike most of the parliamentarians under the notorious older Fitzgerald Inquiry (covered elsewhere on this site), Nuttall had definitely been loaned(?) or given(?) substantial monies on a purely personal basis – as a donation to himself. The judge and jury may have got the paperwork correct? The remarkable features of his trials were his seeming innocent frame of mind in regard to receiving monies from businessmen/employers, coupled with the absurdity of jailing a seemingly harmless individual when re-payment and a fine would have sufficed. After all, no person had suffered trauma, injury or death, the taxpayer had not been defrauded.

Before entering parliament, he had at one stage been a union organiser.

Australian unions, some but by no means all of which are extortionist, obtain their wealth one way or another from – businessmen and employers.

Gordon Nutall, a man overflowing with almost refreshing seeming innocence, whether he comprehends it or not, was merely employing ALP/union methodology in a more direct way than is customary.

The ALP began as a political voice for workers. Whether it remained a political voice or a political vice depended partly upon its refraining from supporting extortion and intimidation. In those formative days, actual violence along Marxist-Leninist lines was threatened and did in fact (rarely) erupt. There have been Australian Labour governments in the distant past which to their credit took serious steps to counter incipient communism, etc., but the fact remains that there are political movements in Australia which attract both cunning and fanatic policies. Money and power the salvation of the proletariat was one such aberration. And after a day shearing burr infested sheep or humping 80 kilo. bags of wheat in the Australian heat, money and power could have resembled salvation! Today, escaping from an overcrowded, overpopulated concrete maze in the hope of finding a living thing and a living tree can resemble salvation? It is a crime in Australia, for good reason, to conspire to push up the price of goods and services. Distortion of a free economy harms everyone. It never was made a crime to conspire to push up the price of hiring workers. A labour market not based on supply and demand distorts a nation’s economy and ultimately impoverishes the workers. Corruption is not always easily defined.

In 1984, Labour Prime Minister of Australia, Bob Hawke, having a parliamentary majority, brought in taxpayer funding of political candidates. The publicised aim was supposedly to reduce the influence of private money on the shaping of policy!!!. (Australia would not happen to have begun with nothing but private money, would it?) Of course, Hawke was dissatisfied with the diminishing millions delivered up to the Labour Party through its  union base. Membership in many of those unions, some of which are certifiably extortionist after the manner of a piratic mafia, was and is effectively compulsory. If we are Australian taxpayers, our funding of political candidates is now compulsory. You have no choice whom you fund. Hawke and the ALP pushed Australia onto the edge of a slippery slope descending towards totalitarianism. The ‘god on earth’ State. China and North Korea do not have overmuch private funding. Unless of course you happen to be in with the relevant junta. The public funding then becomes your private funding.

Is money corrupt? Does money automatically corrupt? Since God is inestimably rich, is he inestimably corrupt? Or could it be that fallen mankind, of which the author of this page is a member, fallen Man can become inestimably corrupt, without possessing a cent to further the degeneration? Is it what is in a man that makes him what he is, or is it the money in his pocket? Man, in God’s estimation, is a temple, a potential temple where God himself may find fellowship. By what are we to swear? The temple, or the gold (= cash) that may incidentally be affixed onto the temple? What if Nuttall, for the sake of argument, intended to pay the money back, and had, in time, paid it back – meanwhile discharging his administrative tasks without fear or favour?

While Nuttall was being charged, what of the Labour politicians who were tut-tutting in self pureness – not technically corrupt?

As of mid 2021, Queensland’s public debt had risen from near zero at takeover from the Conservatives four decades past to 120 thousand million dollars, steadily increasing.

Population of the State being approximately 5 million, this is 25 thousand dollars debt per person. This being public debt. It does not include any additional private debt. Given that many persons are not earning real income for the State, it is likely that persons and businesses which do produce the necessary class of money-earning goods and services would individually have to find something of the order of 150 thousand dollars at this moment, should the debts be called in.

On what was the money spent over those four decades of Labour rule?

The debts were largely and unnecessarily run up, buying votes.

Buying votes?

We may have heard of the “cargo cult” of some Papuans. The big money, the wealth, is on its way to us.  PNG is one of the most financially corrupt/fanciful countries on Earth. The prophesied wealth, as did the wealthy white man, will mysteriously appear. Many believe.

The cult leaders in Queensland are in the Greens/ALP. Trust us, we will make you safe and comfortable.

Their children, if they have any, will be paying off their ancestor’s con artist electoral victories three generations down the track?

We are perilously close to being slaves. If we were attacked, the first thing we would have to do is declare bankruptcy. Put Queensland in receivership.

What else were the “lawyers”, the lawmakers, up to, whilst ultra ‘corrupt’ Nutall was being investigated and the public purse for now and for generations following was being raided?

A ‘Miz’ (emphasis her own) Bligh, Australia’s first female, feral, State premier, given surname by common law and common understanding open to conjecture of which for obvious and good reasons there was plenty, with or without her predecessor slash political partner Peter Beattie, with venom and bile, was calling a loved and respected retired premier ‘corrupt’ (Hansard) whilst refusing to pay his legal expenses – despite him not being found guilty. She flouted the principles of Australian Law, decency, and Democracy. We shall subsequently learn that she is as good as guilty of the most vile attacks on womanhood, children, humanity itself. Quoting herself , in parliament: “The end justifies the means.” A self declared moral consort for a Stalin, a Hitler, an I.R.A. operative. Unashamed. Is criminal defamation for the purposes of re-election corruption? Is advocating that women effectively sell or rent out their bodies, corruption? Is she worse than others? The author of this page is worse than everyone else. He has looked into his own heart and looked at his actions and knows as certainly as night follows day, he is worse than everyone else.

But we have to do with the practicalities of Law.

Returning to her one-time political partner, since pensioned off. Flouting the law?

Wikipedia, accessed 2021:

“On 1 September 1998 an editorial appeared in the national newspaper The Australian entitled “Rule of law poor second to politics”. The editorial took Premier Peter Beattie to task for responding to rumours that a member of Parliament (MP) in the Australian Labor Party had been accused of paedophilia. The editorial decried that allegations had been made public before police had interviewed the MP concerned or any charges had been laid. The editorial implied that the identity of the member (Bill D’Arcy) was widely known. It stated that “The matter in Queensland has rapidly run out of control” and criticised Beattie for asking the MP to resign as it would amount to an admission of guilt. It stated that the member of Parliament had rightly refused to resign and had denied the allegations “forcefully and indignantly”. In seeking the MPs resignation the Premier, and independent MP Peter Wellington, have by implication branded him guilty. Already his identity would be known to many, if not most, people in his immediate circle. His reputation has been affected, probably indelibly.

Nevertheless, despite the pre-trial publicity, in November 2000 in the Brisbane Supreme Court Bill D’Arcy was tried and convicted of one charge of rape and seventeen other charges of sexual assaults on children in his care. These were said to have taken place in the mid 1960s while D’Arcy was a young teacher at the Yalleroi School in Queensland. He was later successfully prosecuted on three charges and sentenced to eleven years jail.

D’Arcy was ordered to undertake a treatment program relating to his convictions, but refused to do this while maintaining his innocence. His second appeal for parole was granted and he was conditionally released to the community with restrictions prohibiting contact with minors. D’Arcy vehemently protested his innocence claiming he had been pre-tried by the media, and made a statement, “I’m saying to you that these allegations made against me are false, and I’ll defend my innocence until my dying breath.”

In June 2002 two of D’Arcy’s victims sued D’Arcy for $500,000 in the District Court of Queensland These civil proceedings covered the same grounds as the original criminal trial. Judge H W H Botting denied the compensation, and awarded costs to D’Arcy, stating that, “The applicants have not discharged the onus of persuading me that a fair trial is now possible. In fact, in my view, the time that has now elapsed since the events complained of took place make the chances of a fair trial unlikely.”” END Wikipedia extract.

May God prosper Judge Botting, who, acting professionally, withstood the screeches of ‘Victims of Crime’ – yet another politically instigated and politically incited miscarriage of reason – an incitement to crime in Qld. “Recovered memories”, the basis of the accusations, has been scientifically and publicly discounted to the extent that any judge allowing a trial to proceed solely on that basis may be rightly accused of criminal incompetence. Proven false accusation, by females especially, is rampant. The result, of course, being erosion of the safety and reputation of all virtuous females. This was not a case involving something that happened down the street yesterday. Try 40 years ago. He was being accused, out of the blue, by women approaching old age.

Here we have the highest man in Queensland – Beattie – in effect arresting a colleague, marching him to jail, and throwing away the key – the key to his victim’s cell and his victim’s reputation. Not to mention the reputation of the victim’s associates and family. The judiciary who permitted the trial to proceed were no better. Worse, the “independent MP Peter Wellington” exceeded them all. A fake ‘independent’, a stooge, more than once by chance holding the balance of power, he invariably out-laboured Labour and gave Labour full and unchallenged approval in degrading the State. For this he was amply rewarded by the people whose defiance of due process he should have checked but instead always seconded.

Both Wellington and Beattie are – we guessed it – lawyers. Solicitors. Most solicitors, like doctors and police, are pillars of society operating in difficult, often impossible circumstances – the salt of the Earth. These two legal defectors from the straight and narrow may have started out initially with good intent? If Beattie and Wellington instead of attempting (after other attempts) law and ultimately politics, had found a calling more aligned with their abilities, they may have become heroes in their own right. The same has been said of Adolph Hitler. Beattie for one, on appearances, could have had a happy life good-naturedly chivvying the ladies as he apportioned chuck steaks in a butcher’s shop. A good man.

Why this selective emphasis on lawyers? For better or worse, Australia has gone down the path of litigation. Hand it over to the courts. The courts will settle it! End of argument. The divine right of courts? Because of factors such as insurance payout, coupled with too many defective court decisions, everyone is covering themselves with finely printed ‘paper’ that is drowning quality of life. According to the fine print, you, the reader, are certainly guilty of something and are becoming more guilty every day. The government having most of the money – which it is yet to repay! – the government has the tinsel that must cross palms as the litigation proceeds. So your solicitor as likely as not will advise you not to take on the government. The government and most big businesses are advised by efficiency experts, and efficiency, although good and necessary, in its hard, cold, sense, never shook hands with human rights.

Human rights in Australia hang upon magistrates/judges, your solicitor whom you probably cannot afford, and on a range of de facto policemen, many of whom never risked their lives in the line of duty as do real police, yet who have authority akin in some ways to real police. Real police are finding themselves more and more in people’s lounge rooms uninvited but the de facto force is right there beside them. In Queensland under various legislation, especially safety legislation, no-one is safe. It is theoretically possible under some circumstances and has probably happened in fact that a family loses a child or some member to pure accident on their property, to find themselves fined and effectively attained with criminal ethos. It’s all in the fine print. Actual guilt or innocence? What? Guilt or innocence? Proven criminal intent? What does that have to do with anything? So, didn’t the Australian High Court do the right thing in releasing Bishop Pell from the cage? Yes – after public submissions by two Australian Prime Ministers. (The Pell case- yet another monumental trial by media joke, is amply covered on-line elsewhere.)

The Author was most of his life believing that no-one was ever convicted of anything in a Queensland court without at least being a crook of some sort. Fitzgerald (elsewhere on this site) opened his eyes but D’arcy propped up his eyelids permanently. Fitzgerald was a bush affair. The National (i.e., Country Party) had become bushed, Bjelke-Petersen was a giant tree under which no other trees had yet grown up, the trees that acted as though they were real timber had either been in the bush too long or were brambles, Tony Fitzgerald walked about in the scrub in circles, and media such as the ABC’s Four Corners couldn’t play a tune on a gum leaf to save their own lives. The media gumleaf band was akin to dingos brawling over a dead wallaby. It was a bush affair. A country party. The Nationals started it, and they manfully wore it to its drunken and gatecrashed end. I personally spoke with Geoff Muntz’s  (refer Fitzgerald) good wife, who on behalf of her husband declined to comment. Members of the National Party government had handed the business over to their Justice people, so they felt obliged to ‘wear it’. Even to the extent of being jailed courtesy of Prosecution scams.

D’Arcy, was akin to a premeditated knifing in someone’s basement. It stands today as sinister as judicial murder. For what it is worth, the Author lived through the D’Arcy media blitz, marvelling at how evil D’Arcy must be because they were saying things that were manifest impossibilities, presumably to ensure they put the freak behind bars. Media is far from all bad, however, and one item faithfully recorded by a reporter struck home. At the moment the guilty verdict was announced, DArcy’s wife, an high quality woman and unashamed mother of his unashamed children, mouthed to him the message, “I love you.” And someone also attributed that devoted couple with having the assurance that “one thing which cannot be taken from us is our faith.” (They are thought to have the same religious affiliation as Pell.) A woman and a family were unashamedly and openly supporting a man now reported as having raped girls in front of primary school classes– while they sat on his knee! – run a total pervert sex cult right in school ….. only reported 30-40 odd years afterwards …. make a selection from Grimm’s Fairy tales at your leisure.

Here is the ‘rub’.

Almost to a man, parliamentarians, judges, and lawyers on all sides were and are largely mute.

The courts have spoken.

No. Grimm’s Fairy tales has spoken. The destruction of Queensland Justice has spoken.

Some years later, the Author, being at a small and low-key church event in a small town a day’s road travel from Brisbane, over lunch, mumbled something about possible miscarriages of justice, and happened to mention D’Arcy. To his unbounded surprise, one of the three or four listeners burst out, “D’Arcy is innocent!” The Author had not expressed an opinion either way. How could a man living in a small country town be so totally authoritative? The youngish man, it turned out, once had a wife. And children. If the reader wishes to weep over this, please do so. He was on his own admission justly, repeat, justly convicted of some form of paedophilia(?) against the children (I never asked whether they were his own) and was not confident of ever seeing them or his wife again. He was in jail alongside D’Arcy. The pastor at the gathering himself then mentioned that he had been told that D’Arcy had written songs for the prison christian fellowship.

Contacting the Friends of D’Arcy support group revealed level, genuine people. The prison authorities themselves have officially noted that the prison population had shown little inclination towards the idea of D’Arcy being a paedophile.

There is a sideline, illustrating how difficult and miserable a task is faced by police and Justice. To begin, we might note that abolishing the death penalty for those who provenly, doubtlessly, doubtlessly, wantonly, abduct, rape, torture, multiple murder, especially children, and show indication of potentially doing so again, is arguably the gravest miscarriage of justice in Australia today.

The young man who was vehemently assertive of D’Arcy’s innocence (being of homosexual tendency and having been in the same prison as the former deputy Labour Opposition leader) being an itinerant in a small town, was himself probably doomed to be a lonely man. See him anywhere near a kindergarten or anything such – ring the alarm bells. Presumably he had no record of violence – but, trust him with children? Would any, but any, responsible and humane person deliver a child to the intimate care of anyone, male or female, known to be certified homosexual? Yes. The hero at fighting corruption, Miz. Bligh, premier of Queensland.

Not only so – she would advocate women sell their bodies as surrogate mothers to assist in getting the children. Search under Anna Bligh, surrogacy. Following is an extract, published 2010, downloaded 2021:

“When Queensland Premier Anna Bligh called members of the parliament who spoke out against new surrogacy laws “rednecks” she insulted every person who values the family unit and the protection of children, Queensland Family First senate candidate Wendy Francis said last night. “It was behaviour unfit for a Premier and she has proved today that she doesn’t deserve to be Premier …” (www. protectionist.net.)

Bligh is not the only one. Children’s rights in Australia are figuratively tainted with the shadow of one Josef Mengele, nazi, who escaped the war crimes courts c/o the S.S. … . Yet even some S.S. members might have blushed at current Queensland and Australian policies?

Never mind. Faux independent, Peter Wellington, solicitor, will save us from the paedophiles – whilst enjoying his Labour appointment as Speaker. He nailed D’Arcy, right? …………

Daniel Morcombe, a 13 year old male in 2003 was forcibly abducted and finally killed in or somewhere near Wellington’s electorate. Wikipedia, 2021:

“….. The Seven Network reported that a known paedophile, Douglas Jackway, could be of interest to the police. Jackway had been released from prison one month before Morcombe’s disappearance. The Queensland Government came under criticism over Jackway’s release; independent Queensland MP Peter Wellington claimed the Supreme Court had presented clear evidence of Jackway’s risk of re-offending. This publicity prompted civil liberties groups to call for laws banning media outlets from naming people linked to criminal cases.”

Douglas Brian Jackway, as an internet search will readily reveal, assuming he was guilty as charged — on the evidence it is unavoidable — under ‘British law’, would not have spent those 25 years in jail at public expense. He would have spent them in the grave. Nevertheless, it may reasonably be assumed he had an alibi regarding Daniel Morcombe.  Wellington got it wrong — again. He was correct, though, in that it will win him votes — at the expense of the Justice System. Police face mournful tasks, and self proclaimed experts are often part of the frustration.

Wellington the paedophile expert devoted his political career to keeping in power a party which openly supports pornography at child’s eye level, full term abortion i.e., druidry/witchcraft/ infanticide, renting out of the human body, ignores the self evident facts that homosexuality is a public health problem and homosexuals are statistically more likely to engage in paedophilia than the average citizen. He, a solicitor, along with Beattie, concurrently furthered policy which by definition destroys most legally binding documentation, and Law itself, by annulling the English language. Judge: “Are you the father or the mother?” Answer: “We take it in turns.” Legally indefinable. Anarchy.

On-line sources in this case leave us with the impression that we can at least trust the Morcombe family in their trauma and tragedy, just as we can trust the D’Arcy family, the Muntz family (Fitzgerald Enquiry), the Bjelke-Petersen family, the Pretorius family (refer King Neptune and the Mermaids) in their trauma …. why re-introduce the Pretorius family?

Pretorius was supposedly half-raping and permanently damaging the psyche of three women in violent surf in a half force ten gale down the hill from and a year or two later than Daniel Morcombe’s murder. It only cost the Pretorius’s a literal million dollars and much trauma, right? He was in no danger of being officially classified a paedophile, right? Wrong. The accusing women effused a level of leadership and elan. Admittedly, one was getting past the mermaid stage, one was obliged to admit to having smoked marijuana, and, unless my internet search picked up the wrong name from the society pages, for which, if so, I apologise, one attended the “nude opening” of the “Australia Youth Hotel”, Sydney. A mixed bag, nevertheless displaying public relations talent. Another family of South African immigrants, not the Saymaan family which had been his hosts, were witness to some of these legal proceedings. After the curtain had closed on sirens of the surf, a young female of that family went to police and claimed she had been sexually molested by Pretorius when she was a minor. Truth? Copycat? Corruption? Corruption furthered by the Miz factor? To illustrate that there are good and courageous solicitors, good and courageous barristers, fair judges and intelligent jurors: with assistance, but with yet more costs, he was cleared in court of paedophilia. Being found guilty of paedophilia, as we have observed, is a dark place. You become a marked public enemy for life.

It may be that Pretorius feels up girls when he shouldn’t. It could be I do the same. (It seems possible, on the evidence, that secretive bad behaviour was afoot at D’Arcy’s school(s) and the ‘recovered memories’ blamed the teacher? Children/youth can be fools, some, monsters. I know, because I have been there.)

It could be Bishop Pell is a paedophile. It could be that we all of us could be anything. We some of us may have run over our grandmothers to get the inheritance. It could also be that some lawmakers, ‘lawyers’, have lost the plot?

In Queensland, at this moment, an intelligent group of people can financially and personally destroy totally innocent people through the Justice system.

An obvious defence is publicity. Identify the rot so as to have it removed.

Miz Bligh has moved aside. Having degraded our credit rating and sent the State broke, she abandoned ship to join the banking sector. Would you believe it!    Before baling out she came up with the following, which says it all, and clarifies Tacitus’s tying of frenetic legalsleaze to corruption: On-line, 2021:

There are still unanswered questions about the Brisbane flood crisis. By Rory Callinan March 17, 2012: Three engineers who operated Queensland’s main flood mitigation dam system are to be investigated by the state’s Crime and Misconduct Commission following recommendations from the long-awaited official inquiry into last year’s catastrophic floods. The Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry Report released yesterday found that a manual governing the operations of a key dam had been “breached” – raising the potential for flood victims to launch a class action against the dam operator……… The 658-page report confirmed the Wivenhoe Dam, which is supposed to mitigate flooding, was operated in “breach of the manual” from 8am on January 8 until the evening of January 9 ………. The report recommended the Crime and Misconduct Commission should investigate the conduct of flood engineers, John Tibaldi, Robert Ayre and Terry Malone, in connection with the preparation of documents relating to the event – including a brief to the then water minister Stephen Robertson on January 17, 2011 and statements and oral testimony to the Premier….

Anna Bligh referred the engineers to the CMC and vowed to implement the report’s recommendations “lock, stock and barrel” if they were found in breach ……… .

END on-line quotes.

Opening the flood gates? Defaming and persecuting top engineers for not anticipating a one-in a 50 year rainfall event, turning the law loose potentially on the government itself and thus the taxpayers themselves, citizen versus citizen, lawyer versus lawyer – ineptus apsurdus insensata. YOU are guilty. It’s in the fine print. And everyone else is either guilty or prosecuting you – if you are not in a class action against them. Virtue through condemning others. Before penicillin was developed, inadvertently causing someone a totally minor wound could lead to their death. Get taken to court for causing a gravel rash whilst playing sport? As Tacitus implicitly suggests, the fall of cultivated and co-operative civilisation itself.

Human rights? Man, made in the image of God? The God who is grace, and love, and justice?

Thankfully the Crime and Misconduct Commission couldn’t find the fine print. They probably lost their spectacles – the fine print is infallibly god on Earth. Depending on the person doing the search, the fine print will find you out.

Tacitus rules!    The more corrupt the government, the more numerous the laws.

We step back now to Beattie-Bligh’s Labour predecessor, Goss – yet another – we guessed it – lawyer-solicitor. Goss finished his career, we are advised, lecturing at some Queensland university – topic, presumably – Law? Elements of this man’s disgusting career are summarily touched on in Fitzgerald but we add several relevant items herewith. These have to do amongst other matters with Goss’s refusal to do anything but rubbish a bipartisan, co-operative Labour plus Liberal Australian Senate attempt at assisting in the case of public servants who had taken action in light of the Goss Cabinet’s shredding of the evidence relating to pack rape of a part aboriginal girl in a Queensland Government facility. Repeat, part aboriginal.

Chris Griffith, 4 September 1994, in The Sunday Mail: “Coyne breaks silence.” “For the question remains – was the State Archivist, the Crown Solicitor, the Cabinet secretary, even the Goss Cabinet aware that on the 8th and 15th February 1990, Coyne’s solicitors had notified the Family Services Department of his impending legal case, two weeks before Cabinet ordered the documents’ destruction? Or was the Government’s legal advice that the documents could be destroyed compiled without any knowledge of his intentions? It is now clear that Cabinet Secretary Stuart Tait made no reference to Coyne’s impending legal action when on February 23, 1990, he wrote to archivist Lee McGregor seeking her advice on whether the documents could be destroyed and even encouraging their destruction. “The Government is of the view the material which I understand includes tape recordings, computer disks, and hardware notes is no longer required or pertinent to the public record,” Mr Tait said. ………. .

Last week Queensland Senators Warwick Parer and Cheryl Kernot told the Senate that any withholding of information and the resulting shredding could amount to “prima facie official misconduct”, even a criminal offence, a prospect that on Friday led Mr Goss to dismiss Senator Parer as “that decaying septuagenarian, Liberal Senator, Mr Parer”. [He was then 58, son of a loved and heroic war photographer killed in action against the Japanese].

Interwoven is Premier Goss’s curt rejection on Wednesday of an all-party recommendation by the Senate Select Committee on Whistleblowing that his government “establish an independent investigation” into unresolved whistleblower cases – which includes the Coyne case.

“For me, the issue is in the past – it’s dead,” Coyne said yesterday. “I’m getting on with a new life and future, however this event has serious implications for the people of Queensland,” he said. Highly significant, Coyne says, is the secrecy agreement the Family Services made a condition of him receiving a “redundancy payment” in October 1992 of $27,190. The bare facts of the Coyne case are now receiving wide media publicity. In 1989 the former National Party Government instituted an inquiry into the John Oxley Youth Centre, which Coyne managed.

Upon the Goss Government’s election, new Family Services Minister Anne Warner prematurely ended the inquiry because it provided no legal immunity for its witnesses. Despite the inquiry’s demise, the Family Services Department moved Coyne from the centre to “special duties” at Head Office, from where he said he was eventually declared involuntarily redundant.

In February 1990 Coyne, with the aid of his solicitor and Queensland Professional Officers’ Association industrial officer Kevin Lindeberg, sought the Heiner Inquiry documents to seek damages from the Government, claiming the inquiry, while aborted, had led to Coyne’s demise – a claim denied persistently by Ms Warner.” END of Chris Griffith quotes.

Goss’s confederates? Some of his cabinet were in time dismissed by the subsequent Labour premier, Beattie, for effectively fingering the till. One confederate, not a cabinet member, subsequently went higher in Australian politics until finally sacked by the Australian Federal A.L.P. and replaced by a woman, some time after he became Prime Minister:- In 1988, Kevin Rudd was appointed Chief of Staff to the Opposition Leader in Queensland, Wayne Goss. He remained in that role when Goss was elected Premier in 1989, a position he held until 1992 when Goss appointed him Director-General of the Office of Cabinet.

Rudd, a talented man fluent in Mandarin the language, who should have stuck with Mandarin, besides being associated with the criminal act of shredding evidence, was nicknamed ‘Doctor Death’, going so far as putting public servants who had worked under other Parties in basements without so much as a typewriter. (ABC’s Four Corners program, 03/03/08.)

Note, the girl who remains to this day unavenged if she was indeed horribly abused as reported, in Australian political parlance, is aboriginal. Aboriginal and female. Doubly disadvantaged, the archetypal candidate for salvation by con artists.

The other item for which Rudd is remembered – besides putting public servants in basements without even a typewriter – the other manly act was to publickly apologize to all ‘aboriginals’ – because humane past governments in co-operation with landowners had in the past done something about their children who were malnourished and in danger of dying. “The stolen generation”. I was incidentally talking to a stockman who had been working in the far west. He brought in two children, abandoned somewhere near the Diamantina ‘River’, left to die. He made it clear the abandonment was deliberate. Much farther east, at that time, some children in rare cases were little better off. One of my earliest and most vivid memories is of 3 or 4 young children, after dark, like mice scratching on the door, from the small family camp 2 miles away. Malnourished, parents or possible parents AWOL, walked the distance in desperation. With plenty of blankets, wheat sacks or whatever for warmth, warm milk and liberal application of the Magic D.D.T., they passed a quiet night bedded down in the kitchen with the wood stove and kerosene lamp. In time, the only option was institutionalisation/adoption of some sort.

Rudd apologized. Any ‘blackfella’ who can think – there are plenty – groaned.

In 1993, a part aboriginal, male on this occasion – killed a leading citizen of the Queensland town of Murgon. Remember, many so-called aboriginals – excluding as a generality some of those ‘up north’ and in ‘the centre’ – are more European than aboriginal. Drunken brawl, history of violence, his own people didn’t wish him back. Leading citizen Dermot Tiernan had instinctively rushed to assist the police. Blow to the head. Nothing whatsoever relating to race relations – only a violent human being. Goss-Rudd went forth to save race relations and scam more votes by pulling off a royal commission or something such and get the killer something between a pat on the wrist and a pat on the back. Semi-recently, the murderer, whilst on yet another conviction for violence, put a female in hospital, broken ribs, punctured lung …… .

Whilst these open insults to nearly everyone, including the near highest court in the nation – the Australian Senate – were in progress, yet another Labour leader achieved notoriety. Keith Wright, former leader of the Labour Opposition, in 1990, without controversy was shown to be guilty of effectively having taken to wife … an …. 11 years old girl. No, he is a nominal Baptist, not a Mohammed.

Porn sellers, brothel owners and such might tend to support a Party which better enables them to sell their wares? Could it be corruption ………. ?

…… In a bizarre twist, Wright, whether before or after being arraigned I do not know nor care, suddenly became a mini- anti-porn campaigner. One of the most undesirable items he mentioned as being on public view on streets throughout the State in front of schoolchildren etc. was an essentially naked woman on all fours with a dog chain around her neck. The ALP along with the also-ran gutter parties such as the Democrats/Greens were meanwhile in full cry, saving females from their slavery. These parties are pro-porn. They put the dog on the streets. I think I remember the chained dog. I had to do a most difficult thing (being both painfully shy and dyslexic) – go to the local newsagency and ask him to do something about it. Or, about that sort of thing.

If we add all this stomach churn together and shake it up we get the termination of Goss’s official political career – whether he should have finished in court alongside Wright being possible — but the stomach churns. Anyone willing to lead needs all the help they can be given.

Tacitus, and his divine contemporary, the Lord of All, gave legal advice. We may take it, for better or worse.

A near utopia on Earth – based on selflessness and trust:

Micah 4:4. But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree; and none shall make them afraid: for the mouth of the LORD of hosts hath spoken it.

Ps. 128:3. Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house: thy children like olive plants round about thy table.

We have to do with government and therefore politics. Near-utopias can only flow up out of the heart of Man, but obviously have some distant relationship to the form of government – and therefore, human politics. The brand name of one’s politics becomes meaningless. Someone with deep insight made Man a bird, meant to soar in the heights. Reliant therefore on a left and a right wing. Both wings are essential. There is a role for legislating for financial profit and there is a role for legislating monetary assistance. Only balanced if the mouth of the Lord has spoken it. Government policy is to make sense. The word of God has it, If a man shall not work, nether shall he eat. It also says, Blessed is he that considereth the poor …… It does not make all men capable of doing the same work, it owns that some of us will struggle, some will be poor, some will meet misfortune. But it goes much further by designating, with caveats, the proper – and blatantly obvious! – the obvious and logical way economies best function – free enterprise. Free enterprise with intelligent guidance. We don’t need all the trees knocked down. We don’t need the concrete jungle.

We don’t need hypocrites. The author of this page tells himself so, every day.